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Biobanking  network

Implementation of custom prospective biological resources collections in human health.

Project setup

Regulatory aspects, scientific and medical expertise, needs analysis and feasibility study

Operational implementation

Budgeting, practices harmonization and documentation, staff training and implementation nationwide

Monitoring and follow-up

Activity reports, biomonitoring and quality controls, internal audits of structures


Biological resources provision management, communication, research and medical innovation


Adkins Biosciences is a service company specializing in the design and supply of biological resources collections (samples and their associated clinical data) covering all areas of human health.

With unique multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise in Europe, our team supports you on the highly strategic challenges of biobanking network through integrated solutions for management, operational implementation, monitoring and valorization of biocollections at the heart of your research project and medical innovation, academic or private, carried out from France or abroad.

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Responding to the biobanking challenges of your research project by giving you access to tailor-made and integrated solutions.

For biological resources that meet your research objectives

By facilitating your access to biological material with very high value added, Adkins Biosciences enables you to implement your project within optimized deadlines to meet the challenge of creative research, based on the exploitation of reliable and secure data.
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For biological resources that meet your research objectives
Project setup Operational implementation Monitoring and follow-up Valorization

Project setup

Adkins Biosciences supports you on regulatory and quality management issues, and/or on tailor-made analysis of the feasibility of your project. Benefit from unique scientific and technical expertise to study the best solutions for collecting and managing your biological resources, by relying on the use of centralized tools to control your data.

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Operational implementation

A dedicated team is responsible for setting up your project in partner centres for training teams, as well as for the relations with service providers involved in building your collection of biological resources. By ensuring that the necessary prerequisites are established at operational levels within the network, we are committed to optimizing the coordination and the realization of your project.

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Monitoring and follow-up

Adkins Biosciences deploys its expertise to closely follow the progress of the collection of biological material, from the inclusion of the first patient to the cryopreservation of all samples, as well as the recovery of associated clinical data. The transmission of dedicated activity reports means you can regularly monitor the progress of your project. Biomonitoring solutions are also available on request to control the quality of your biological resources.

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One of our priorities is the management of the supply chain of biological samples to the end user. Adkins Biosciences offers you the benefit of its network of experts for the processing and additional analyses of your biological samples. This offer also includes dedicated support on strategies for promoting your biological resources collection as part of specific communication campaigns.

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Interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise at the service of your research project.

Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer


Business Developer
Scientific Advisory Board


Saint-Louis Hospital, University of Paris, France. Immuno-hematological rare diseases MaRIH (MaRIH).


Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille, France. Cell therapy.

Jean-Hugues DALLE

Robert Debré Hospital, University of Paris, France. Pediatric immunology, hematology, oncology.

Jeanne-Hélène DI DONATO

Founder of the 3cR network focusing on the strategic fields of biobanking.


Beaujon Hospital AP-HP, University of Paris. Gastroenterology-IBD-Nutritional Assistance.


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Benefit from our custom support for your biobanking project.

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