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Adkins Biosciences supports the professionalization of the SFDT1 cohort

The SFDT1 cohort launches a new « professionalized » version of its biological resources collection to the best practice and regulatory standards to meet the expectations of the scientific community.

With a view to professionalizing its collection, the SFDT1 team requested at the end of 2021, the expertise of 3 leaders of the biobanking ecosystem in France specialized in the harmonization and optimization of biobanking processes – Adkins Biosciences – biosamples storage – CREAPHARM Bioservices – and development of a tailor-made IT tool to centralize and manage data relating to patients and samples – Modul-Bio.

Building on these collaborations, the version 2 of SFDT1 biobanking was launched on July 1, 2023 under the supervision of the Adkins Biosciences team, involving 13 clinical services national centers and 8 associated Biological Resources Centers (BRC). 256 patients (initial visit or follow-up) have thus already been included with the new procedures.

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