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Adkins Biosciences launches its operations to support research and medical innovation in all areas of human health

Adkins Biosciences, a service provider specializing in building collections of prospective biological resources, launches its operations to support research and medical innovation in all areas of human health.

Building on the success of the leading cohort of biological resources in Europe in the field of bone marrow transplant complications, the founders of Adkins Biosciences now intend to support public and private research players in setting up collections of tailor-made biological resources (biological samples and associated clinical data).

“With more than 200,000 samples collected from nearly 8,000 people (patients and donors) in nine years, within a national network bringing together all the transplant centers and 28 biological resource centers, the constitution of the ISO 9001-certified CRYOSTEM biological resources collection now gives us the expertise and know-how necessary to provide concrete solutions to the challenges of biocollections” says Dr. Emilie ROBERT, Chief Executive Director of Adkins Biosciences.

At a time of major commitments to support integrated health research projects, it is becoming highly strategic for biomedical and clinical research players to obtain validation of their work through the use of reliable and harmonized biocollections, responding to regulatory and quality issues.

Guided in its planning by an interdisciplinary scientific and advisory board, Adkins Biosciences intends to play a central role in the emergence of new therapies, including biotherapies and innovative therapy medical products in many indications (oncology, immunology, virology, rare diseases, etc.), thereby offering new perspectives for patients within the framework of preventive, personalized, predictive, participatory and evidence-based medicine protocols.

Thanks to a privileged partnership with Modul-Bio, the European IT solutions leader for the management of biological resources of all origins, Adkins Biosciences is able to offer its clients global and secure solutions for managing the complete life cycle of samples and associated data.

“Our dedicated software enables users to access in real time all the strategic information of their biocollections, thereby guaranteeing perfect traceability of biological resources during the stages of sampling, reception, aliquoting, analysis, storage and distribution” says Laurent JACOTOT, CEO and co-founder of Modul-Bio, Business Developer of Adkins Biosciences.